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Welcome to our container modifications and dome installation services. We provide unique and cost-effective ways to create functional spaces for various purposes. Whether you need a temporary or permanent structure for your office, workshop, storage, or living space, our container modifications and dome installation services can provide you with the desired results.

Container Modifications

Shipping containers are sturdy and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions during transportation. However, they can also be used for other purposes with some modifications. Our container modifications can transform these boxes into functional spaces that meet your specific requirements. We offer the following container modifications:

Office Container: We can convert a container into an office space by adding windows, doors, insulation, HVAC, and electrical systems. We can create a comfortable and efficient work environment in a container without spending a lot of money.

Workshop Container: We can modify a container into a workshop by adding lighting, workbenches, shelving, and ventilation. We can create a safe and secure workspace for your tools and equipment with a container.

Storage Container: We can use a container as a storage unit by adding shelves, racks, and security systems. We can keep your belongings safe and organized in a container without worrying about theft or damage.

Dome Installation

Dome installation is another popular way to create functional spaces. Domes are spherical structures that offer several benefits over traditional buildings, such as energy efficiency, durability, and space efficiency. Our dome installation services include:

Living Space: We can use domes as homes, cabins, or vacation rentals. They provide a unique and comfortable living experience with their spacious and energy-efficient design.

Event Space: We can use domes as event venues, such as wedding halls, concert venues, or trade show booths. They provide a memorable and eye-catching setting for any event.

Greenhouse: We can use domes as greenhouses for growing plants, vegetables, or fruits. They provide a controlled environment for plants to thrive and can be used year-round.

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